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Your membership in Texas Arabian Breeders Association helps promote enjoyment of all our Arabian horses, Arabian horse racing, and the growth of the entire Arabian horse industry. Race meets, purses, stakes opportunities, VLTs... the value of your horses and the Arabian┬┤s place in racing is all up to you.

Have a voice in where Arabian Racing is heading in Texas. Vote in the elections for TABA board members, or run for the board yourself and be an important leader in the industry.

To be a member of TABA, you do not have to live in Texas. To be on the TABA board you do not have to live in Texas, but board members must have a current TABA membersip, and a current owners or trainers license from Texas Racing Commission.

Leslie Gicewicz

Martha White

Membership Chairman

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You can make a difference. When you join TABA, you join a force for the stewardship of the Arabian horse. Membership in TABA does have perks!

- Benefits of the Accredited Texas Bred program.

- Use of the TABA auction and classifieds system for free.

- Free entries on the TABA listings of breeders and trainers.

- Voting privileges.

Join Us in Celebration of Great Horse Breeding

Membership is current for one year beginning with your payment date.

TABA membership is just $35 per year.
And now offering a 3 year membership for $95. Save $10 over the three years and no pesky bills to deal with every year.

3 Easy Ways to Join

1. Pay with paypal over the internet, (see below), or

2. Contact TABA with Credit Card (VISA or MC only- email for information), or

3. Mail a check with application. Click here for a print & mail TABA Membership Application.

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