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Your membership in Texas Arabian Breeders Association helps promote enjoyment of all our Arabian horses, Arabian horse racing, and the growth of the entire Arabian horse industry. Race meets, purses, stakes opportunities, VLTs... the value of your horses and the Arabian´s place in racing is all up to you.  Have a voice in where Arabian Racing is heading in Texas. Vote in the elections for TABA board members, or run for the board yourself and be an important leader in the industry. To be a member of TABA, you do not have to live in Texas. To be on the TABA board you do not have to live in Texas, but board members must have a current TABA membersip, and a current owners or trainers license from the Texas Racing Commission.

Join Us in Celebration of Great Horse Breeding

Membership is current for one year beginning with your payment date. TABA membership is just $35 per year.

Now offering a 3 year membership for $95! Save $10 over the three years.

3 Easy Ways to Join!

1. Pay with Paypal (email us your application and we will send you an invoice), or

2. Contact TABA with Credit Card (VISA or MC only) at 972-564-9430, or

3. Mail a check with your application. Click below & mail it to TABA at PO Box 215, Forney, TX 75126.


A Breed Organization with Official Status.

Since the State of Texas offers pari-mutuel wagering on Arabian races with racetracks around the state hosting races for our breed, the Arabian horse is written into the Texas Racing Act as a racing breed along with the Thoroughbred, Quarter horse, Appaloosa and Paint. The Texas Arabian Breeders Association (TABA) is the organization mandated by the Texas Racing Commission to oversee the Accredited Texas Bred Program (ATB) for Arabian racehorses, a breeder incentive program.

Managing with Active Members and an Elected Board

Additionally, TABA manages Arabian racing in the state with a well organized Board of Governors who meet on a regular basis throughout the year. At these meetings, the board discusses all aspects of Texas Arabian racing and plans accordingly. The board implements those plans to make Texas Arabian racing an ever improving opportunity for those involved. For example, TABA promotes the Arabian breed and enhances the experience of Arabian horse ownership via sponsored racetrack festivities and educational seminars.

Dedicated to Arabian Horse Racing

Even in challenging conditions of the horse industry over the last decade, Texas Arabian racing has performed quite well. We have continued to strengthen both the Arabian breed's position in the racing industry, and the popularity of the racing discipline within the Purebred Arabian market. We are optimistic about increasing purse monies for the Arabian breed at the racetracks, and will continue to make good progress for more racing opportunities. With a solid platform for growth, Arabian racing´s innovative leaders are on track to attract more Arabian racing participants and fans of the sport.

Even through difficult times (winning a race is fun, but you can't win 'em all) dedicated members of the Texas racing community have remained steadfast in their commitment to the Arabian breed. We welcome you to join us.  Regulations and Bylaws are located here.

Organized in part to help assure Arabian horses their rightful place in Texas horse racing, the Texas Arabian Breeders Association was formed in 1988, led by long-time Polish Arabian horse breeder, Joe Cassel. Many of those making up the first TABA Board of Governors had made certain that the Texas Racing Act of 1987 included Arabian horses as a racing breed, along with the Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse. This legislation guaranteed these racing breeds the right to race on all Texas pari-mutuel horse racing tracks. Arabians enjoy racing opportunities at three Class 1 horse racing tracks in Texas: Sam Houston Race Park, Retama Park and Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie, as well as tracks in other states in USA and many other countries.